Oryn the rebels review on GOOGLE VOICE. .

Posted: January 28, 2012 in skg

Lmao! I may lose a friend cuz i love google voice so much. I use it all the time how ever it sends the wrong message to the wrong person, has issues refreshing, does not organize threads at all which doesnt allowing me to carry on ongoing conversations or help me keep my place with business negotiations. I really am a fan though! Keep makin it better i know your working on it. The way that you guys always say everythings in “beta” inspires me with my web projects! Google voice gives m the ability to call and text back and forth for free as long as I have a computer, droid,  ipad, tablet, or iphone and a wifi provider. I.e. Piblic libraries, starbucks, mc donalds, I set  all my droids automatically connect to attwifi and which ever city im ins public library system . As we all know between mcydees and starbucks that covers a large area. This technique can help many folks who do what I do or something similar, either reduce or completly eliminate their cell phone bill. This is a valuable service, however bare in mind that in these times our individual information is valuable as well and we re giving even more of  that to google in return for this powerful ” messaging prototype” some people say “nothing in life is free” some say ” the best things in life are free” hmmm
Oryn threbel

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