Need free cover art professionally done for your next album/mixtape?!

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Contest for artist


Log in below with your facebook or twitter and leave a link to your song or to someones elses song who would benefit from winning free professional cover art work for there next album

The rules and regulations of this competition/contest are as follows. Members and employees of the Artistjumpoff, United front company, and Unsignedart and their family members do not qualify for this contest or any contest facilitated by said organizations. This contest will only begin to develope the equation to select a winner and top placement once there are a minimum of one hundred entries and a maximum of five hundred. The United front company does not claim responsibility for word of mouth or hearsay in regaurds to the rules and regulations of this contest.The $1.99 processing donation can be sent via paypal to For further details on the terms of this contest send inqueries to

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