Be more kind to “criminals”

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Hellotxt

Be kind to people behind bars. They are going trough a world of hate. There are more people in prison in the United States than there are in China. How is this possible with the population difference? The point of view of friends and relatives of prisoners is usually meek at best. From my understanding this is not because there is a loss of love and compassion , it due to the horrible anguish that family and friends are put through when a loved one is incarcerated. The whole system is a money vacuum and years in the future I guarantee that evaluation of this prison industrial complex will be deemed one of the most inhumane things, done to mankind. When someone is arrested and jailed things are already financially difficult, it doesn’t help that inmates and their families are sucked dry even further with astronomical prices to communicate with each other. Before we are unkind to an inmate let us realise that a majority of men and women in jail are victims. They are victims to a game that is rigged. Once in the justice system as a minor offender;in the United States there is a complex system set up to keep non violent criminals, minor offenders and drug addicts in a never-ending cycle of going to court, probation, parole and back to jail or prison.
This country has created an ever-growing lower class and its the lower class who suffers the most. A large percentage of inmates at county jails all over the nation who have been incarcerated for extended times are simply waiting for trial and can’t afford bail. A lot of these men and women are waiting for trial because they are confident they can win their cases, whether it be to a lack of evidence or genuine innocence. When some one from the upper class is charged with a crime their path through the justice system is quite different.
A rich person usually wakes up @ home before a court date..has a normal breakfast, watches some netflix, get dressed in the “sunday best”, and strolls into the court-house with their lawyer.
now who is to say that this person is more of a criminal than someone from the lower class (most inmates).
When an inmate has a court date, innocent or not they wake up in a bed barely fit for an animal, then they eat some of the, poisonous contaminated food which is served in our prison system, and they are shackled and hauled off in the back of a van with no windows along with other inmates; who are all wearing the same uniforms. We need to change the corruption ..
See there is a person from the upper class who owns whichever company which distributes the poisonous food and there is also a person who manufactures these inmate uniforms and these owners of these companies are guaranteed to make a continued profit as long as the number of inmates in our nation continues to increase at this alarming rate. Therefore these people in the upper class continue to develop this industry of jailing people.
Why are there more Americans in jail than any other country including countries which are 3 and 4 times larger in population? Because of money. The people who design the prisons make money, the counties get money from the state government for each prisoner , the states get money from the federal government for every state prisoner and then the federal government gets money from the tax payers for every federal prisoner, and then there are all the companies that supply jails and prisons w/ high-priced, low quality food and other goods. We need to be more kind to inmates and help them however we can.
1. A lot of inmates started out with a small offense
2 then never got in trouble again
3 violated probation
4 lost the right for legal defense (a rule of thumb in any probation system probationer sign away that right as part of probation in every state)
5 was left at the mercy of the probation officer and the judge (no jury)
6 given the maximum amount of time that there original minor offense carries. Judges and probation officers should be focused more on rehabilitation and public safety instead they are focused on keeping the jails full. This wont change until we change it. When a poor man has a drug or alcohol addiction it is considered a crime. When a rich man has the same issue it’s called a sickness or a disease.This is why our streets are still so unsafe,with so many “outlaws” incarcerated.. our court systems are NOT serving justice to criminals our courts are using the justice system to enslave the poor and benefit the wealthy. As a symptom all the wealthy criminals are still free committing crimes.Free your mind & be nice to inmates ..unless they are rapist or serial killers. Watch this video it explains a lot.

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