Instagram contest for artists

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Contest for artist

TWO performance spots have become available for Sunday’s Power 105 Show!
With Angela Yee & Deejaye MeloD at CoCo 66!

Problem is there’s no registration time!..Here’s what we’ll do.

We’ll pick 2 artists to kick off the show but you MUST follow these rules below.

1. Upload this picture to Instagram –
2. Put the following as the message

Welcome to Fly City @angelayee @deejayemelod
with these hashtags angelayee coco66 power105 dropontop deejayemelod

3. also hashtag your stage name in the post & tag us in the picture
4. Two artists that get the most likes win
5. If you get a bunch of people to do it we WILL add up likes between multiple posts.
But those people must hashtag your stage name so we can see

Contest Ends October 24th at 8pm
(post as much as you want until then, we’ll add it all up)
Winners will be announced on IG @DeejayeMelod
You will perform at the show & meet Angela Yee!

That simple! Good luck!

Angela Yee & MeloD talking about the event >


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